1967 GT40 Mk IIB

Chassis No.:  GT40P/2024

Continuation Model by Pathfinder/Superformance


An extremely rare GT40 in a Mk IIB configuration – inspired by Holman Moody, who along with Shelby American, prepared GT40s for Ford in the 1960‘s.  This GT40 is dialed-in and ready for street or track.  With a Safir GT40s Spares-approved GT40 continuation chassis, this car is immaculate with a Holman Moody-type Mk IIB dash and 427 engine with Weber-style EFI tall-stack performance engine.  Ready for US, European, or Japanese vintage and historic racing; eligible for HSR, and Bobby Rahal’s Legends of Motorsports race series.

GT40P/2024 Mk IIB

That's right, a Mk IIB! This is the first ever Safir-licensed Mk IIB continuation GT40, featuring many accurate details. The Mk IIB was the final version of the Ford-sponsored GT40s, and it represented the acme of track-proven refinements. As an example, the Mk IIB dashboard - different from every other Mk I and Mk II - was so successful that it was carried over to the Mk IV 'J' cars at Le Mans.

Over six-months of effort has gone into P/2024's Mk IIB transformation, including extensive collaboration with Lee Holman. This car features original GT40 components (ranging from a Tennant Panels interior console to an original Lucas 608 mirror), Holman Moody engine and suspension upgrades, Olthoff Racing updates, and dozens of special modifications that add to this car's authenticity.  This is a precise and historically accurate licensed continuation model 1967 GT40 Mk. IIB built on a fully licensed, continuation chassis by Superformance/Hi-Tech.

It features a titanium-silver & black stripe paint scheme with several Le Mans-inspired elements, including red Holman Moody front fender 'eyebrows'; a low-reflection front hood area; and, correct roundels, fire marshal, and sponsor decals. It is delivered in left-hand drive for safe streetability and domination at any track-day event. GT40 P/2024 is absolutely stunning - and unique! You will not find another GT40 like this anywhere. The list of Pathfinder components and modifications include: 

  1. BulletFAV/Holman Moody Mk IIB dash: Spectacular and similar to the Mk IV 'J' cars

  2. Bullet351/427 engine supplied with a street cam creating 560± bhp on pump gas - scary fast and perhaps the most awesome sounding GT40 we've ever heard!

  3. BulletHolman Moody race cam provided for track use

  4. BulletWeber-like EFI and Pathfinder-spec custom tall-trumpet air intakes with Pathfinder-developed 'tennis ball' period screen filters

  5. BulletPathfinder-built original GT40-style seats using period-correct parachute-type cloth and original brass grommets

  6. BulletMk IIB dash with original Holman Moody toggle plate assembly

  7. BulletFIA-approved competition fire suppression system

  8. BulletOriginal Boeing 707-style single blade windshield wiper arm

  9. BulletFIA-approved competition five-point seat belts

  10. BulletFAV/KarKraft-style Mk IIB steering wheel with proper leather-cushioned safety hub

  11. BulletLe Mans plexiglas front hood driver's side bug-shield

  12. BulletExtremely low and unique Safir GT40 Spares-issued continuation chassis number P/2024

  13. BulletFront canard wings

  14. BulletOriginal aluminum radiator well airflow divider

  15. BulletOriginal helicopter-spec plexiglas air vents - two per door (super effective, too!)

  16. BulletFront deck lid twin radiator exhaust-flow strakes

  17. BulletFront and rear Le Mans-style competition brake ducts

  18. BulletFIA-approved power disconnect

  19. BulletGurney wicker bill spoiler

  20. BulletGurney driver's side helmet bubble

  21. BulletOriginal Mk IIB 'C' side-stripes (later carried over to the successor Mk IV 'J' cars)

  22. BulletUnique high-performance original GT40-style down-turn header system in white powder coat

  23. BulletCustom 5-inch diameter exhaust pipes

  24. BulletAir conditioning with hidden controls in driver's door panel

  25. BulletZF 5-speed transaxle

  26. BulletGas strut for rear deck lid

  27. BulletReproduction 'Ford Advanced Vehicles' chassis plate (correct brass-colored) stamped 'GT40P/2024' affixed to passenger-side bulkhead as on original Mk IIB

  28. BulletAuthentic interior door trim

  29. BulletFIA fender wheel extension 'wing'

  30. BulletAuthentic leather door pulls and door opening limiters

  31. BulletFIA-approved tow loops fore and aft

  32. BulletLe Mans type jack stands fore and aft in high-visibility colors

  33. BulletFord-marked dual roundel number and 'competitor identifier decal' lights

  34. BulletGold Hallibrand type wheels with blue (right) and red (left) anodized spinners

  35. BulletAvon race/street DOT tires: 295/50 rear and 215/65 front

  36. BulletOlthoff Racing shift-kit upgrade

  37. BulletStreet legal and registered in Florida as a 1966 'antique vehicle'

  38. BulletAnd many more additional items.

Details on this car include many tiny but significant features relating to authenticity, such as the replacement of the standard SPF black screws with original-type stainless screws for the side plexiglass windows. And there are several items that have yet to be installed and are not shown in the photos, including a 1966 Abbey Panels center console with an integrated shifter base!

This is also an especially collectable GT40 for another reason: It was originally Superformance SPG001B - the first continuation GT40 built and fully recognized as such by Safir GT40 Spares and the GT40 Register! It has just been titled for the first time (Florida) and has no street or track miles.

PRICE:  $182,500 *

  1. *Price and specifications subject to change without notice.  Call or email for more details. 

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Call us about our latest GT40 Mk IIB